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Companys Public Economic Cobba (Apparel Bordj Bou Arreridj) is a one-person company has Liability Limit Apparel Group and Clothing (C & H Fashion, whose headquarters are in Rouiba) belonging to the GSP Manufacturing (SGP / IM headquartered in Algera). its registered capital is 50 million dinars.

         Cobba was created in 1998 as a result of a series of restructions that transformed SONAC (established in 1963) in Sonitex (established in 1969) is that it even, then became ECOTEX (founded in 1982), where Cobba or results.


An area of ​​4677 square meters and with a workforce of 150 including 12 officers and parsonnes 18 foremen.

Its production capacity is 150,000 workwear and its turnover is 250,000 KDA.

His clientele is in the economic sector industry, hotels and restaurants as well as the health sector.

Cobba is certified according to the ISO 9001/2008 repository for the system of quality management.


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